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You will also find information about the South Wall Border on this page.

This is a 10m square , walled garden . The 2m  high walls give shelter to both people and plants. There is an atmosphere of great peace and tranquility here. A summerhouse is in one corner, with an old Irish settle. Ideal for sitting and listening to the gentle splash of the 'Grotto' ( waterfall ).

this view shows the glorious west cork hills to the west .Tea tree and cordyline in foreground .

The garden is divided in half by a small path that leads to the 'grotto'. One side has 'hot' colours , the other 'cool'.

Hot Side - tea trees -Leptospermum , Lobelia Fan Scarlet , Monarda cambridge Scarlet , Eucomis , Gazania , Arctotis , Ricinus, Fuchsia Boliviana....... 

Cool Side with  'Grotto' - a pebble pool waterfall with hostas, ferns , Iris sibirica, and Rodgersia.  Also Polystichum setiferum , Zantedeschia aethiopica, Milium effusum.       

Abutilon vitifolium 'Tennants White ' , Leptospermum scoparium 'Snowflake', Myrtus apiculata 'Glanleam Gold', , Teucrium fruticosa,Pittosporum 'Silver Queen' , Campanula poscharskyana, Hesperis matronalis,Lithodora diffusa 'Heavenly Blue', Stachys byzantina(lamb's ears, Agapanthus africanus , , Geraniums -  Mrs. Kendal Clark & Rozanne , Anthemis punctata, Cerinthe major , Dianthus Mrs. Sinkins , Cardoons , Astelia chathamica ,

Around the summerhouse - Rose Fragrant Cloud , Rose Danse du Feu , Humulus lupulus ( Golden Hop ) and our favourite - Clematis montana Wilsonii - incredibly fragrant and long flowering . 

On or around the walls - Ivies - Hedera colchica 'Sulphur Heart', H. canariensis 'Gloire de Marengo', H.colchica dentata var. , H. helix 'Green Ripple', H.helix Kolibri. Other plants -Hydrangea petiolaris, , , Clematis armandii,  ,Parthenocissus tricuspidata, Parthenocissus Henryana, Chaenomeles speciosa Simonii, .

 Hot side again, this time late summer , with cannas in flower .

Hot side showing Monarda 'Cambridge Scarlet', with cannas.

the new design for 2008 showing the path and re-planting .

This frilly Poppy is called               ' Turkenlouis '   .

Clematis viticella Purpurea Plena elegans flowers late on one of the walls .

One of the many cannas.

Morning sunshine lights up this Eryngium agavefolium by the summerhouse.

The grotto waterfallin close up.

One of the glorious 'tea trees' in full flower. This one is Red damask.

There are always some lilies flowering from June to October

late summer in the secret garden .

SOUTH WALL BORDER. this is one of the outside walls of the secret garden .

South Wall Border -outside the secret garden , adjoining one of the walls is another flowerbed. With the wall behind, and a south facing aspect , this is one of the most sheltered and sunny spots in the garden. Here are planted - Indigofera heterantha,   Crambe cordifolia, Heleniums, several varieties of Phlox paniculata, Agapanthus africanus, , Campanula lactiflora 'Pritchard's variety', , Liatris spicata, Dahlia 'David Howarth ' , Delphinium , Rosa 'Iceberg' , Aconitum cammarum , Poppy ' Choir Boy '  , Monarda Cambridge Scarlet , Geums , Lobelia tupa .

Pictured below are some pink phlox, red Kniphophia, blue campanula in August.

South border - Liatris spicata in foreground, with white agapanthus.

We often grow the fantastic Tiger flower (Tigridia) in the sunshine of the south wall border.

Flowering shrub Indigofera heterantha enjoys the warmth of the south wall.