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                           this page also shows details of the Conservatory & Garden room

There are two rockeries - one large one by the pond, and a smaller one surrounding the patio.

Photograph shows rockery overlooking the pond. A lovely place to sit facing south.We grow a lot of the old favourites here - aubretia, allysum saxatile, saxifrages, geranium , pinks, scabious, sea pinks/thrift, rock roses , lithodora, soapwort, Osteospermum etc.

These are Rock roses ( Helianthemum ) and Rhodohypoxis baurii. The rockeries are at their best in May and June. 

On the top of the rockery are shrubs such as Olearias, Hebes, Cornus, Escallonia Gold Ellen', Phormium 'Platts Black', Lonicera nitida, Cotoneaster franchetii, Brachyglottis greyii ( senecio), Phlomis fruticosa, Juniper squamata 'Blue Star'.

Behind these are the mixed willows , and down the other side of the bank, facing the woodland are shrubs such as - various viburnum, buddleia , Hydrangeas, Ribes ( flowering currant ), tree paeonies lutea and delavayi , and a lovely , cascading plant - Rubus cockburnianus - a golden , ornamental bramble. Shining yellow in summer - stark , white , striking stems in winter.

This is the smaller rockery , with steps leading down to the patio outside the conservatory.

At one side of the patio , at the foot of the rockery is a small herb garden for kitchen use - lovage, parsley, oregano, chives, mints, thymes, Sweet fennel, sages, etc.

Patio/small rockery/conservatory

Conservatory - visitors may look inside . We grow the following - Oleander, Bougainvillea , Lemon , Abutilons - magapotamicum/Ashfords Red/Boule de Neige/Canary Bird, Plumbago capensis, Jasmine polyanthum, 3 Aeoniums ( brought back from Tresco gardens ) - arboreum 'Swartzkopf' , balsamiferum, and haworthii. There is a Tibouchina urvilleana ( Brazillian spider flower ) , Lantana camara 'Feston Rose' , a Hoya carnosa ( wax flower) , Strelitzia reginae 'Pygmae' ( which flowers !) , Passion flower 'Lilac Lady', Campsis radicans ( trumpet vine), Ipomea indica ( perennial morning glory ) & others. 

Bird of paradise - Strelitzia reginae

Passion flower 'Lilac Lady'

This beautiful Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is hardly ever out of flower.

Another favourite of ours - Rhodochiton astrosanguineum - a lovely and unusual climber - sometimes called the 'parachute plant'.

Garden Room

Garden room - this gets very little sun , so there are fewer flowers in here, and more foliage plants. However , this does make it the ideal place to raise seedlings in the spring. Those plants enjoying the shade are - Fatsia japonica, Acacia baileyana, Begonia maculata, various Streptocarpus, Clianthus puniceus ( lobster claw - not so happy with the shade tho' ) - Clivia miniata, & others.Photo shows Streptocarpus.