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On this page you will also find information on the nearby Spring Bed .

A short walk from the house leads to the pond area. The  pond was created in a way that allows excess rainwater to overflow at one end, where it keeps the soil in the adjoining bog garden moist at all times. A tumbling waterfall is at the other end, with the water circulating through a filter box. This helps keep the water clear and fresh - necessary with our many fish. We started with just 7 goldfish and 7 golden orfe - there are only 6 orfe remaining, but around 120 goldfish. They seem happy here ! Although we do get occasional visits from herons. Fortunately the water is deep in the centre of the pond, and the fish can (mostly) safely hide.


view from the top of the waterfall towards the house.

As well as fish, the pond supports frogs , newts, and many dragonflies and mayflies, along with the usual mix of water snails and beetles,pond skaters and the like.

Below you can see the pond in more detail . It's summer - and the water lilies are in flower. To the rear is the large rockery made from the soil removed to make the pond. A mixed willow bank was planted on the very top of the  rockery area, complementing the water perfectly.

Many native/wild plants are growing in the pond, such as Butomus umbellatus ( flowering rush), and Cyperus eragrostis vegatus ( Sweet galingale - sounds better ! ), Iris pseudoacorus ( yellow flag), Caltha palustris ( marsh marigold),and Aponegeton distachyus ( water hawthorn). We use Elodea canadensis, hornwort,crassula,and Myriophyllum verticillatum ( parrot's feather) as oxygenators.

Pond, with rockery and willow bank.

Some colour is provided by the Iris ensata and yellow Mimulus lutea.

But the star performance is from the water lilies.

This view shows the living willow arbour (just right of centre, needing a haircut ! ) where you can sit and listen to the waterfall and watch the fish go about their business. The flower in the foreground is the pink Dierama.

Willow arbour.

The beauty that only reflections in the water can bring.

The waterfall into the pond.


Although small , there is a large variety of plants growing here:

Primulas, ligularias,astilbes,filipendulas,Cyperus longus,Darmera peltatum,Aruncus diocious (goats beard),rodgersia,hemerocallis,Iris sibirica,Lythrum salicaria (purple loosestrife),lysimachia, Caltha palustris ( marsh marigold), Zantedeschia aethiopica ( arum lily), Alchemilla mollis, Telekia speciosa, and Eupatorium purpurea ( Joe Pye weed - a great favourite for butterflies , as is Telekia.)

bog garden plants in flower.

bog garden again - ligularia and zantedechia.

Not all beautiful plants have to be rare or expensive - as you can see with this purple loosestrife - found locally in wet ditches .

Another view - this time looking back over the bog garden toward the house. The spring bed is on the right of picture .

SPRING BED :We have neutral to slightly acid soil, so a lot of peat and leafmould was imported to create conditons for our acid lovers. We have a collection of dwarf Rhododendron - the 'Yakushimanum' hybrids. We have Dopey,Sneezy,Bashful, Happy,Grumpy&Doc, sadly, the seventh dwarf,Sleepy , went to sleep ! There are summer and winter heathers , the beautiful Daboecias ,azaeleas 'lutea','Joe Hill'and 'Mothers Day' as well as Pieris, Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Rainbow', japonica & Williams camellias , and Magnolia stellata & Magnolia soulangiana 'Lennei'. All overlooked by a shapely gum - Eucalyptus niphophila ( snow gum ). Daffodils and snowdrops are early colour. In summer - a dazzling Tropaeolum speciosum ( flame creeper ) climbs up the nearby hedge.     

Spring - rhododendrons in flower.

Our two cats - Polly ( ginger) and Win . Not a lot of help really !!